Question: Can family members see the same psychiatrist?

For the psychiatrist, there is, instead, a caution against treating members of the same family. This practice is thought to endanger the relationship between therapist and patient. … The result is an unwarranted breach of confidentiality that may sabotage therapeutic success.

Can you go to the same therapist as a family member?

Knowing that your friend or family member has been given the same support and guidance from a specific therapist can give you a sense of security and safety. Going to the same therapist as your friend may also allow you to open up more than you would ordinarily.

Can a husband and wife see the same psychiatrist?

Usually, if only one partner undergoes therapy, it will be good only for them as an individual. But for the relationship, it won’t be so effective as when both a husband and a wife see a therapist. Strangely enough, a session might be the only place where partners can say what they really want from the relationship.

Can therapists see multiple family members?

Many therapists and counselors treat more than one member of a family, either concurrently or consecutively. … Additionally, even when a conflict occurs, the resulting consequences for the therapist might be reduced by prudent and careful action by the practitioner.

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Can psychologist see family members?

The latest iteration of the ethics code allows counselors to treat their relatives in certain circumstances. As long as the counselor maintains objectivity, it may be permissible for him or her to treat a relative.

Can therapy ruin a marriage?

However, while some therapists help unhappy partners gain a new perspective that can help both themselves and their relationship, others—especially therapists with no training in couples or family therapy—may further undermine shaky marriages.

Is it bad to have the same therapist as your friend?

While it’s not considered unethical to see friends of friends, some therapists would prefer not to do that given the sanctity of each relationship. In some cases, a therapist will choose not to work with two people who are close with each other if they truly feel they cannot remain impartial.

Can my therapist also be my couples therapist?

same benefits can apply to combining individual and couple therapy. The couple must be able tolerate the imbalance of one partner having greater access to the therapist , and the boundaries between the treatments should be very clear. The therapist needs to be mindful of countertransference affecting the decision.

Can a therapist see husband and wife separately?

Susan J. Leviton, MA, LMFT: Many therapists ask to see each partner separately at some point early in the treatment, perhaps even at the first session. Some make it a rule, while others decide on a case-by-case basis. There are even therapists who treat the couple by seeing each party separately for a period of time.

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Can my therapist see my sister?

but psychologists usually emphasize maintaining strong professional boundaries. They do not want to see family members, close friends, girl/boyfriends, etc. of current clients. These ethical standards are especially observed in major cities where there is a large professional community.

Why would a therapist stop seeing a patient?

Therapists typically terminate when the patient can no longer pay for services, when the therapist determines that the patient’s problem is beyond the therapist’s scope of competence or scope of license, when the therapist determines that the patient is not benefiting from the treatment, when the course of treatment …

Is it OK to see two therapists?

Turns out it’s pretty easy to find resources and articles that say no, it’s not recommended. The reasons given (often by therapists) include splitting, conflicting treatment plans, creating secrets (especially if they aren’t aware of each other or aren’t in communication).