How much does Psychology Today cost?

According to their website, the cost of a Psychology Today listing is $29.95/month.

How much is a Psychology Today subscription?

Members pay a fixed monthly fee of $29.95. You’ll get full access to every benefit of Psychology Today membership. No contracts, so you can cancel your membership at any time.

Is a Psychology Today subscription worth it?

88% of therapists said that Psychology today is worth the investment. The other 12% said “it depends.” None of the respondents said that Psychology today was not worthwhile. 50% of respondents who chose to provide details shared that they get more than 50% of their referrals from Psychology Today.

Is Psychology Today a good website?

For general purposes, Psychology Today is a great resource to get your feet wet with some of the most current topics in psychology. If you want a high-level overview of the cutting edge of research, it offers an excellent way to stay aware without getting too far into the details.

Is Psychology Today magazine still published?

Psychology Today also publishes a bimonthly magazine, which first appeared in 1967.

Psychology Today.

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Cover of January 2021 issue
Editor in Chief Kaja Perina
Publisher John Thomas
Total circulation 250,000
Year founded 1967

How often is Psychology Today published?

The magazine has received numerous awards for both editorial and design, and is published six times a year.

How do I cancel Psychology Today?

How To Cancel Your Psychology Today Subscription Over the Phone

  1. Call 800-290-2850.
  2. Explain the reason for canceling.
  3. Give all the required info to the customer service rep.
  4. Ask for further instructions.

How do I add my website to Psychology Today?

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Psychology Today profile.
  2. Under your name, in the top right corner, click on “Link and Share”
  3. Choose a size and theme that will work with your website styles.
  4. Click on the “Copy” button at the bottom of the page to copy the code.
  5. Paste the code into your website.

What does it mean to be verified by Psychology Today?

According to Psychology Today, verification means that your license is independently confirmed. “By joining Psychology Today, you immediately become part of a brand that clients trust. We independently confirm your license in order to designate your profile as Verified.

What is the best psychology magazine?

Top Psychology Magazines and Journals for Therapists

  1. Psychological Bulletin. …
  2. APS Observer. …
  3. APA Monitor on Psychology. …
  4. Psychological Review. …
  5. The Psychologist. …
  6. Psychology Today. …
  7. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis. …
  8. Scientific American Mind.

Is Psychology a good career?

If you want to take up psychology as a career, check out how you can study it, various specialisations, and the job opportunities and scope in this field. Psychology is a vital field now because of the increasing focus on mental health and wellbeing. … Needless to say, the scopes of psychology, as a career, are huge.

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How do I find a therapist?

Here are some tried-and-true methods for finding a therapist to help you reach your therapeutic goals.

  1. Consult your provider directory. …
  2. Ask someone you trust. …
  3. Use a reliable online database. …
  4. Explore local resources. …
  5. Reach out to organizations that address your area of concern. …
  6. Think about your goals ahead of time.

Does Psychology Today pay writers?

Psychology Today covers the latest in the field of social psychology. What they pay: $1 a word.

Who is the target audience of psychology today?

Psychology Today is distinguished by targeting a niche audience of white, middle aged women; by its use of large white space and unique facial images; and by using little to no teasers on the cover.

Is Psychology Today an online magazine?

Psychology Today, American general-interest psychology magazine. Psychology Today’s online version includes directories of professionals in mental health and allied fields and blogs written by psychologists, psychiatrists, and lawyers, among others. … The magazine is published in New York City.