Best answer: How do I submit articles to Psychology Today?

To send proposals, visit

How much does Psychology Today pay per article?


Psychology Today covers the latest in the field of social psychology. What they pay: $1 a word.

How do you write a Psychology Today page?

5 Steps to the Perfect Psychology Today Profile

  1. If You’re at the Center of Your PT Profile, You’re Doing it Wrong. …
  2. Write Your PT Profile to ONE Type of Client. …
  3. Begin With Your Prospective Clients’ Pain. …
  4. Show How You Can Help Them. …
  5. End with an Extremely Clear Call to Action. …
  6. Allow Me to End with a Call to Action of My Own.

Is Psychology Today a journal or website?

Psychology Today, American general-interest psychology magazine. It was founded in 1967 in Del Mar, Calif., by psychologist Nicholas Charney.

Is Psychology Today a journal or magazine?

Psychology Today would not be considered a scholarly journal and it is not peer reviewed. It is more of a popular magazine, like for example, Time Magazine. It does however, have credible sources, and most instructors would agree that it is an acceptable source for a paper.

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Where can I submit articles?

You can publish articles online right now

  • Medium. Medium is a very popular free publishing site where you can share your writing. …
  • Linkedin Articles. You are probably already on Linkedin. …
  • EzineArticles. EzineArticles has been around for a very long time. …
  • Scoop.It. …
  • Issuu. …
  • Yudo. …
  • Article Alley. …
  • PUB HTML5.

Where do I submit my psychology article?

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the Psychological Science submission site, Before submitting your manuscript, please be sure to consult the Contributor FAQ. Read the latest editorial policies from the APS Publications Committee.

How do I promote my Psychology Today profile?

Improve your Psychology Today profile or Good Therapy profile

  1. Be clear, be professional.
  2. In your profile, keep the focus on the client, not on you.
  3. Get coverage in geographic areas for your profile.

How many words is a Psychology Today profile?

The Psychology Today email button leads to a generic form that submits to the email address of your choice. The message field allows for 200 words. Potential clients could be inspired to include all sorts of private information, unaware that it’s not guaranteed to be kept private or to reach the practitioner.

Who writes Psychology Today?

Psychology Today

Cover of January 2021 issue
Editor in Chief Kaja Perina
Publisher John Thomas
Total circulation 250,000
Year founded 1967

Does Psychology Today still exist?

Psychology Today is devoted exclusively to everybody’s favorite subject: Ourselves. … We’re a live stream of what’s happening in ‘psychology today’. Our magazine, first launched in 1967, continues to thrive. Please sign up for a new subscription or manage your existing subscription.

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Who runs Psychology Today?

Jo Colman, CEO Psychology Today.

How much is a Psychology Today subscription?

Members pay a fixed monthly fee of $29.95. You’ll get full access to every benefit of Psychology Today membership. No contracts, so you can cancel your membership at any time.