What are the main points of the Mental Health Act?

The Mental Health Act (1983) is the main piece of legislation that covers the assessment, treatment and rights of people with a mental health disorder. People detained under the Mental Health Act need urgent treatment for a mental health disorder and are at risk of harm to themselves or others.

What are the 5 principles of the Mental Health Act?

The five principles of the Mental Capacity Act

  • Presumption of capacity.
  • Support to make a decision.
  • Ability to make unwise decisions.
  • Best interest.
  • Least restrictive.

What are the key points of the Mental Health Act 2007?

The main purpose of the legislation is to ensure that people with serious mental disorders which threaten their health or safety or the safety of the public can be treated irrespective of their consent where it is necessary to prevent them from harming themselves or others.

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What is the main purpose of the Mental Health Act?

The act is designed to protect the rights of people with mental health problems, and to ensure that they are only admitted to hospital against their will when it is absolutely essential to ensure their well-being or safety, or for the protection of other people.

What are the main sections of the Mental Health Act?


  • Section 2: admission for assessment.
  • Section 3: admission for treatment.
  • Section 4: emergency admission for assessment.
  • Section 5: holding powers.
  • Section 7: guardianship.
  • Section 17A: Community Treatment Order.
  • Section 37: hospital order.
  • Section 37/41: hospital order with restrictions.

What are the main points of the Mental Capacity Act 2005?

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provides a statutory framework to empower and protect vulnerable people who are not able to make their own decisions. It makes it clear who can take decisions, in which situations, and how they should go about this. It enables people to plan ahead for a time when they may lose capacity.

What are the key differences in the Mental Health Act 1987 and 2017?

It looks to empower persons suffering from mental illness, thus marking a departure from the Mental Health Act 1987. The 2017 Act recognises the agency of people with mental illness, allowing them to make decisions regarding their health, given that they have the appropriate knowledge to do so.

What is the Mental Health Act 2017?

The Mental Healthcare Act 2017 aims to provide mental healthcare services for persons with mental illness. It ensures that these persons have a right to live life with dignity by not being discriminated against or harassed.

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What is the Mental Health Act 1983 and 2007?

The Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended, most recently by the Mental Health Act 2007) is designed to give health professionals the powers, in certain circumstances, to detain, assess and treat people with mental disorders in the interests of their health and safety or for public safety.

What is the Mental Health Act 1989?

The Mental Health Act is a law that tells people with a mental health disorder what their rights are and how they can be treated. The term “mental health disorder” is used to describe people who have: a mental illness. … a personality disorder.

What is a Section 3 under the Mental Health Act?

Section 3 of the Mental Health Act is commonly known as “treatment order” it allows for the detention of the service user for treatment in the hospital based on certain criteria and conditions being met.

How many sections are there under the Mental Health Act?

The Mental Health Act 1983 and guardianship

The Mental Health Act has over 100 parts, which are known as ‘sections’. Some of these sections allow people to be detained so they can be assessed or treated against their will. This is where the term ‘sectioned’ comes from.

How do you reference the Mental Health Act?

In the text of your essay, the Act’s short title and year are used, instead of an author and year of publication, e.g. Mental Health Act. To cite a specific part of the Act, refer to the section, e.g. In section 4 of the Mental Health Act…. In s.

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