Best answer: What is a field dependent cognitive style?

Field dependence is a concept in the field of cognitive styles. … In general, people who exhibit field dependence tend to rely on information provided by the outer world, the field or frame of a situation and their cognition (toward other things) is based on this overall field.

What is field-dependent learning?

In the field-dependent/independent model of cognitive or learning style, a field-dependent learning style is defined by a relative inability to distinguish detail from other information around it. … For example, learners can discuss what they know about a topic, predict content, or look at and listen to related material.

What is field-dependent thinking?

In a style of thinking called field dependence, for example, individuals perceive patterns as a whole rather than focus on the parts of the pattern separately. … Field dependent persons tend to work better in groups, it seems, and to prefer “open-ended” fields of study like literature and history.

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What is field independent cognitive style?

In the field-dependent/independent model of cognitive or learning style, a field-independent learning style is defined by a tendency to separate details from the surrounding context. … Field-independent learners tend to rely less on the teacher or other learners for support.

What is the difference between field-dependent and field independent learning styles?

Field dependent people are better at learning social material and learning it in a social way. Field independent people are less reliant on being provided with a structure to the subject and are more self-motivated.

How is field dependent cognitive style different from field independent cognitive?

Field Dependence cognitive style students tend to be analytic, have in net influence for learning social issues, they do not have ability to criticise information, they always be influence by the learning environment, in contrast, Field Independence cognitive styles students are independent they can learners and …

What are the characteristics of field dependent learners?

Field Dependent Learners

  • Definition: You tend to rely on structure and on receiving direction.
  • Basic Teaching Style: Instructors who give explicit direction, assignments, and guidelines.
  • Potential Pitfall: Since you are so reliant on direction, you will need to build a strong support system.

What is meant by field independence and dependence?

Another area where individuals show differences in their abilities to discriminate events or visual, auditory, or tactile cues from their surrounding environments is known as field-dependence/field-independence.

What is field independent field dependent perception?

Field dependent individuals engage a global organization of the surrounding field, and perceive parts of the field as fluent. In contrast, field independent learners discern discrete parts of the field, distinct from the organized background.

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What is reflectivity and impulsivity?

Impulsivity and reflectivity are two learning styles in cognitive domain. An impulsive person, as Brown (2007) states, “is a person who tends to make a quick or gambling guess at an answer to a problem and a reflective person tends to make a slower, more calculated decision”(p.

What is a dependent learner?

Many culturally and linguistically diverse students are “dependent learners” who don’t get adequate support to facilitate their cognitive growth. Consequently, they are not able to activate their own neuroplasticity.

What is Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles?

The Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Inventory uses a comprehensive learning style model. The inventory measures environmental, emotional, sociological, physiological, and psychological preferences as they affect learning.

What is Field sensitive?

Field sensitive learners are learners who like to work in groups to achieve a common goal. They like to help others and tend to be sensitive to the opinions, ideas and feelings of others. They look to the teacher for guidance and demonstration.

What are the four master cognitive styles?

However, the 4MAT framework based on the work of Bernice McCarthy which suggests 4 learning modes (Analytic, Imaginative, Common Sense, and Dynamic) has been widely applied in education (see

What 5 Areas elements do Dunn and Dunn use to evaluate an individual’s learning style with regard to the range of needs for optimal learning?

Dunn and Dunn’s learning style model looks at five different preferences including Environmental Influences, Emotional Influences, Sociological Influences, Physiological Influence and Psychological Influences.

What is the difference between independent and dependent learner?

We provide a rigorous but nurturing environment in which our students will become active and capable citizens of tomorrow.

Is my child an Independent Learner or Dependent Learner?

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Independent Learners Prefer: Dependent Learners Prefer:
The teacher as a mentor or facilitator A teacher that controls the learning, needs assistance from the teacher