Best answer: Is Billy Zane in psych?

What is Billy Zane in?

Zane’s other notable film roles include Kit Walker / The Phantom in the superhero film The Phantom (1996), “Match” in the Back to the Future franchise, Lieutenant Val Kozlowski in Memphis Belle (1990), The Collector in Demon Knight (1995), Curtis Zampf in The Believer (2001), and Richard Miller in the Sniper film …

Why was Val Kilmer on the last episode of Psych?

It was decided that the longer this went on, “the bigger the payoff it would be” to finally show him. So to create the “ultimate gift to the fans”, they pursued Val Kilmer for the role. Rodriguez explained that Dulé Hill had a friend with a connection to Kilmer.

Who did Deon Richmond play on Psych?

Nonetheless, he was regularly referenced as Bud in the show. To top it all off, Psych brought in Richmond to play Mr. Richmond (Gus’s new boss) in season eight, episode 10, “The Breakup.” The funny catch?

Was Psych based on a true story?

The idea for USA’s Psych is loosely based on events that occurred during the childhood of series creator Steve Franks. Psych, which aired on USA for eight seasons, premiered in 2006 was a detective comedy series about two best friends who work together to solve murders for the Santa Barbara Police Department.

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Who is Billy Zane’s wife?

Lisa Collins
m. 1989–1995
Билли Зейн/Жена
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