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Payment Details


Payment of Fees towards the Certificate in CBT (Belfast) commencing in September 2014.

Please make cheques payable to International Institute for Cognitive Therapy.

The completed form and application fee should be returned to the address below:  

Dr. Jenny Maguire

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ground Floor, Home 3

Ulster Hospital

Upper Newtownards Road


BT16 1RH


Cancellations for the Certificate in CBT 

If you wish to withdraw from the course, the following refund policy will be applied:  

Application fee is non-refundable (200), any money paid towards fee (not including application fee) will be refunded as stated below:

* On or before 16 August 2014: 80% refund.

* Between 23 August 2014 and 17 August 2014: 70%

* Between 24 August 2014 and 30 August 2014: 50%

* 31 August 2014 or later: No refund

If you registered with the early bird rate and failed to pay the full fee by 30th June 2013, the full fee will apply (1200)

If you wish to withdraw from the course you should notify the International Institute for Cognitive Therapy in writing. 

The Institute is unable to refund all or part of the tuition fee in case of withdrawal due to illness of the student during the course. Unfortunately, as this is a part-time course, insurance companies do not seem to cover training fees in their policies.

If a student, due to personal circumstances including death in the family and/or illness, is not able to continue with the course or attendance is less than 80%, he or she may enrol in the next Certificate but the full fee will apply. 

Travel insurance is also required to cover flights or/and accommodations if lecturer is absent due to illness. In this case the class would be postponed until further notice. However, if there is the possibility of an alternate lecturer giving a presentation that weekend, even if the topic is different from the one planned, students will be notified as soon as possible to enable them to print the necessary files.

Each student should check their email account one day before each weekend training (night time preferably) in order to make sure that no changes have been made to the training weekend. If anyone attends a training that was cancelled on short notice (or modified in any way) without having checked their email previously, the Institute will not be held responsible for any losses that may result from such eventuality.

Long-term absence of the lecturer (more than one weekend of training during that month) will result in a replacement presenter who will teach for the remainder of the course. In the case of this development no refunds will be issued.  

Cancellation and delay of courses

From time to time, the International Institute for Cognitive Therapy may cancel courses. We make the decision on whether or not to run a course SEVEN DAYS before the course starts date, based on whether we have reached the minimum number of enrolments. So please help us to help you! Be an early bird and enrol well in advance and don't leave it for the last week.

The Institute is not liable to pay for flights or accommodation of participants if courses are cancelled although we will refund any fees paid to date.


Please contact the Institute if you have any queries about the payment of fees or cancellation policies.


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